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 Earn Extra Money for your Organization!

Perfect for churches, schools, sports teams and non-profit organizations!

Popcorn is one of America’s favorite snacks, which makes it easy to sell.

Your supporters will get gourmet flavored popcorn that is handmade at our store using the highest quality ingredients. And we have a variety of flavors that will meet everyone’s taste. You can offer our gourmet flavored popcorn at an affordable price and still make high profits for your organization!

Truly a delicious way to earn money.

  • No minimum order
  • Up to 50% profit for each bag you sell
  • No money up-front
  • Choose from a wide variety of gourmet flavors
  • We pop your order fresh, and package it for your specific order
  • Fundraising materials and kit provided

How Pre-Order Sales works

1.  Choose the bag sizes and flavors your group will sell. We can give you our recommendations, but we can also do what you need!

2.  Determine what price point you want to sell at. It helps to have a goal of what you need/want to raise.  

3.  Then it is up to YOU to sell as much popcorn as you can! You can sell for as long as you would like. We will provide you with the forms and tools you'll need. 

4.  After your individual orders are totaled, you'll place a single order to Osage River Popcorn Company.

Ready to Start your Fundraiser and need order forms?

Call Osage River Popcorn at (573) 348-6611 or email us at info@osageriverpopcorn.com