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Everybody loves our rich and decadent popcorn!

Here's what people are saying.....


"Best popcorn ever! My Missouri Bride of 42 years received last year as a gift and we all love the product.
This year we sent to grand kids but my bride did not receive a can as expected. So, I quickly order a
tin at the last minute for Christmas 2017. She will say her best gift. One can not go wrong with
Osage River Popcorn!" Anonymous.

"You are the best in the business! I called and spoke to David in your store and explained to him that I
wanted to buy my mother something different for Mothers Day and she loved popcorn. I asked if you
delivered and he said no but he asked where the location is. He said since it wasn't to far he would be
more than happy to help me and agreed to deliver a large tin of popcorn to my mother. We agreed on a
delivery cost and he made the delivery on my behalf. Needless to say my mother was thrilled and
absolutely loved the popcorn! Thank for going above and beyond for me and my mother! Great Service!" -

"My Family goes to the Ozarks every summer to meet up as it is a centralized place for everyone 
across the country to meet up and have fun for a week. As with most families they are always into
finding new and great places to go when they get there and made your way into their shop on their
journeys. I am deployed to Iraq currently and sadly could not make it this year but thanks to my
loving family they sent me a bag of your jalapeno popcorn. That was the best popcorn I have every
had! Once I opened the bag I couldn’t stop eating it! Thanks for your great popcorn and hope to
make it there next year to try some of your other flavors."  - James R., Kirkuk, Iraq.

"My mama and I came into your store in August 2008. Boy were we shocked. I LOVE popcorn,
but was not so sure about some of the different flavors you had. Well I decided to open my mind
and try some of the "unusual" flavors, boy did I get hooked! I absolutely love the
Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake flavor, my mama purchased the Pickle Pop, and combined the two
flavors together, nice combo of sweet and salty. We will be coming back in November of this year
and will definitely stop by to get some more popcorn. ONLY this time, we are bringing more people
and hopefully they will LOVE your popcorn as well!!! See you in November!"  - Teisha, Kansas City

"After searching the internet for who had a certain popcorn tin I found numerous ones...but then 
I read your testimonials and everyone raved at yours being THE BEST popcorn they had ever eaten.
Since this was going to be a gift I wanted just that~ the Best!!  so I thought I better give yours a
try....well, my friend gave it rave reviews and thought it was the best popcorn he had ever eaten...
needless to say I had to try it too.....I spoke with David each time and he is awesome! He helped me
decide what to choose ...I received it in record time and this is without a doubt The Best popcorn 
I have EVER eaten. It just melts in your mouth! I am hooked for sure and plan on
ordering more to support our popcorn craving....thanks again for a great product!!"  - Mary, OH

"The folks here in Wisconsin LOVE your popcorn. It's the BEST!  Favorite was the Cheddar Cheese,
and WI folks love their cheese. Family chowed down the popcorn I got last Christmas once they
found out about it. That’s what I get for offering samples. Do the words “ALL GONE” mean anything?
I order popcorn  during the year to restock my tin and opened it again at a family function and my
tin was emptied again. My hopes are to get my tin refilled this Christmas and this time for me.
Although, I’ll have to talk to Santa Newman who introduced me to your popcorn and gave me
my first tin!  Holiday’s are coming!  You’ll be hearing from me soon. You’re a "must have" at my
family Christmas gathering. Your product is "Oh!  So Good!"  Advice to others, this is a terrific gift
for the hard to buy for person.  Everyone loves popcorn." - Jean, Lannon, WI

"My boyfriend and I visited your shop this summer while on vacation. He's in love with popcorn,
but fell even more in love with YOUR popcorn!" - Taryn, IL

"We travel to Colorado every summer and stop in Georgetown at the Candy Factory to pickup
some of their caramel popcorn. We had convinced ourselves that their popcorn had no equal.
The popcorn we brought back this year didn't even come close to the product we picked up last
Monday at your store. Absolutely NO comparison, your caramel corn is absolutely awesome and
future orders will be directed to the Ozark's rather than Colorado. Just another great product
made in the U.S.A. Thanks!" - Bill G

"We were in your Osage Beach location last week-end and purchased some of your wonderful popcorn.
My daughter had found your place last year while on vacation purchased some butterscotch popcorn
for her father and the rest, as Paul Harvey would say, is history. Wow, fantastic stuff! People at the
store suggested that we try Topsy's here in KC for that flavor in this area but they do not make it.
We are definitely hooked so I will be placing orders. My husband is a cardiac patient and still loves his popcorn.
When he tried yours, he was hooked." - Diane B, KS